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Performance History

As at 30 September 2018 in Australian Dollars

 Templeton Global Growth Fund1 (%) MSCI AC World (Net Dividends) Index2 (%)
Six months 8.26 11.14
1 Year 13.00 19.04
2 Years  16.17 17.38
3 Years 9.59 12.27
5 Years 10.77 14.39
10 Years   7.96 9.13
Since Inception3   7.49 6.93

1. Returns are based on movement in the Company's net assets per share (after deducting investment management fees), before all taxes, with dividends reinvested and adjusted for share issues and share buy-backs.

2. Source: Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI). All MSCI data is provided “as is.” The Fund described herein is not sponsored or endorsed by MSCI. In no event shall MSCI, its affiliates or any MSCI data provider have any liability of any kind in connection with the MSCI data or the Fund described herein. Copying or redistributing the MSCI data is strictly prohibited.

3. Since inception Index uses MSCI World as MSCI AC World was not in existence at TGG’s inception.